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Sullivan-Carlson Award for Innovation in Education

The Engineering Excellence Fund committee presents the Sullivan-Carlson Innovation in Education Award as recognition of one educator each year who makes an extra effort to involve students in hands-on, engaged learning. This may take place through innovative lecture classes, extraordinary lab classes, or through research experiences such as independent study. Nominations are sought exclusively from students and the EEF student committee selects the final winner.

The winner of this award is announced at the Spring ITL Program Design Expo each year. The award recipient will receive $2,000 added to his/her paycheck, as well as a plaque that will be sent to the award recipient. Nominations will close April 5th, 2019, at 11:59 pm.

Current Award

For Demonstrating Excellence in Engineering Education Innovation,
the Engineering Excellence Fund presents the Annual

Sullivan-Carlson Innovation in Education Award

Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro is the recipient of the 2017-2018 Sullivan-Carlson Award. The board decided Ben deserved this award because his students showed that he was an amazing professor that truly engages with his students and helps to shape them and their experience in the College.

Ben Shapiro is an Assistant Professor in the ATLAS Institute, the Department of Computer Science and, by courtesy, in the School of Education and the Department of Information Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. His research group, the Laboratory for Playful Computation, investigates how to enable kids from diverse backgrounds to learn computer science through collaborative, creative expression and through the design of networked technologies to solve problems in their homes and communities. He received his PhD in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University and was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin—Madison.

Ben Shapiro is an incredible teacher and mentor to his students. His approach to teaching is engaging in multiple ways: he facilitates meaningful discussions, fosters curiosity, and supports students in building projects that are creative, differentiated, and hold meaning to them personally. His assignments are hands-on and supportive of authentic problem-solving. He is always readily available to patiently help guide his students and support their learning!
Kelsey TayneStudent
Ben Shapiro is a phenomenal professor who engages his students and is proactive with encouragement, always ready to help troubleshoot, and truly leaves a lasting impact on anyone he works with...Someone who inspires you to do what you truly believe you couldn't, teaches you how, and continues to give you those pushes forward in order to expound upon the project or even just highlight the possibilities, is someone who deserves to be recognized.
Robin GibsonStudent
Dr. Shapiro is an excellent teacher who cultivates strong engagement and real buy-in from his students. Dr. Shapiro is a credit to both computer science as well as theories of learning in his practice, and I feel he would be an excellent candidate for the Sullivan-Carlson Award based on the engagement he inspires in his students and the extensibility of projects that he cultivates beyond the context of the classroom.
Maren Hall-WieckertStudent
Ben is one of the most inspirational professors I’ve encountered to date. Ben goes above and beyond the coursework and takes the time to get to know his students. I’m so glad to have had a chance to learn from him.
Amirah CountsStudent

Hardy Fredricksmeyer, (2017)
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Joseph Tanner, (2015)
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